The British Council is seeking dynamic and experienced industry leaders across a diverse range of practices in ASEAN countries to join our Crafting Futures: East Asia Advisory Group, including experts with backgrounds in women’s empowerment, social enterprise, design, digital and technology, craft, textiles and cultural management.

About Crafting Futures

Crafting Futures is a global British Council programme working to create a sustainable craft industry through creative collaboration and exchange. By promoting the relevance of the craft sector, the programme aims to support the growth of women’s economic empowerment, the exploration of material innovation and the future of cultural heritage.  

The programme is currently active in East Asia, South Asia and Latin America, including Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Mexico with possibilities to grow to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other Latin American countries. 

Objectives of the Advisory Group

  • To provide a diverse representation of the craft sector in East Asia beyond the immediate Crafting Futures programme partners 
  • To provide a channel of professional advice within the areas of expertise represented on the group 
  • To identify new opportunities and trends related to the craft sector
  • To provide feedback on British Council’s projects in East Asia; the groups’ functions are solely advisory and do not have decision-making or executive powers
  • To forge links between our UK partners and key international players in the craft sector
  • To connect the British Council with the craft communities in East Asia

Responsibilities of the Advisory Groups 

The members of the advisory groups will be asked to: 

  • Attend a face to face meeting in at the end of the year (approximately between November - January months). British Council will provide flights, accommodation and visa facilitation for those members traveling from other countries within the ASEAN region  
  • Attend an online meeting mid-year (approximately between June – August months)
  • Serve a term of two years; the positions are not remunerated

Benefits of joining the Advisory Group

  • Having a say in how the British Council’s regional crafts programme is shaped 
  • Access and connection to key UK organisations working in the craft sector
  • Opportunities to network with other regional organisations and individuals 
  • Appearing on the British Council’s websites and promotional materials as a Regional Adviser for the global Crafting Futures programme

Profile of the Advisory Members

Candidates should have an interest in supporting the development of the crafts sector in East Asia and globally or view the growth of the sector as an opportunity to generate women’s economic empowerment and agency.

We endeavour to appoint members who have a significant career profile in the region and can demonstrate an acknowledged achievement. We are interested in both individual practitioners as well as those working within senior positions of organisations, although members will be invited to join in a personal capacity rather than as a representative of their organisation.

Result of the selection process

We would like to thank all experts who have submitted their application. The profiles of the candidates are impressive which makes selection process challenging and competitive. With thorough consideration British Council is delighted to welcome the Crafting Futures: East Asia Advisory Group as follows:

1. Mr Inthapan Buakiao (Thailand) Manager, Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) Chiangmai
2. Ms Crissy Guerrero (Philippines) Senior Advisor for Strategic Programmes, Non-timber Forest Products Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP)-Asia
3. Ms Sasibai Kimis (Malaysia) Founder, Earth Heir
4. Mr Joseph Lo (Singapore) Chief Consultant for Smithsonian Institute's Centre for Folklife and Culture Heritage’s programmes in Asia
5. Ms Chomwan Weeraworawit  (Thailand) Founder, Mysterious Ordinary LLC
6. Ms Seinn Witt Yee (Myanmar) Executive Director and Co-founder of PS Business School

British Council looks forward to working closely with our Advisors to promote the relevance of the craft sector, to support the growth of women’s economic empowerment, the exploration of material innovation and the future of cultural heritage.