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We have been running a Language Testing and Assessment (LTA) unit in our MSc TESOL programme at the University of Bristol for 20+ years, led by Professor Pauline Rea-Deakins and then Professor Guoxing Yu (since 2007). Participants of this course are well-integrated with a large and vibrant community of current doctoral students working on various topics of language testing and assessment. For example, automated evaluation feedback, young learners assessment, impact of language tests, teachers language assessment literacy, game-based vocabulary learning and assessment, test-taking cognitive process, and integrated writing and speaking assessment. We also host an eye-tracking lab which the LTA course participants can use for their MSc dissertation project.

In this unit we will explore two major aspects of language testing and assessment: i)evaluative feedback or inflight assessment which is an integral dimension of teaching and classroom interaction, and ii) conventional tests which measure proficiency or achievement.

What you will learn:

• language testing and assessment in relation to contexts, purposes, and impact

• teacher decision-making and planning for assessment

• approaches to the critique of language testing and assessment procedures including formal high-stakes examinations and learner self-assessment and portfolios

• how we can achieve quality in our language testing and assessment practices (e.g. issues of reliability,validity and impact).


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