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24 July 2023 - 09:00

Enrich your English learning with idioms for greater professional success

Effective communication is key in the fast-paced world of business. Confidence in business English vocabulary strengthens communication and encourages professional growth. An expanded vocabulary is crucial for business relationships as it gives you the ability to express ideas concisely and build rapport. By integrating idioms and expressions into your vocabulary, you add depth to your language skills for greater engagement and relatability. The British Council also offers communication skills training.  

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Business English idioms

Idioms are phrases with meanings that go beyond the definition of individual words. They often provide subtle meaning to language, making communication more engaging. For instance, to ‘get the ball rolling’ means to start a project or initiate an activity. Knowing idioms can help in understanding native speakers and improve your own spoken and written English in professional settings.

Idioms related to negotiations and deals

Understanding and using idioms relevant to negotiations can give you a competitive edge. For example, if someone has an ‘ace up their sleeve,’ they have a secret advantage. When you ‘meet someone halfway,’ you compromise with them to reach an agreement. And if you're trying to ‘seal the deal,’ you are looking to finalise an agreement or transaction. These idioms can add style to your negotiation techniques, and help you relate to your counterparts more effectively. Consider some of our advanced negotiation skills training courses at the British Council in Singapore.

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Idioms for describing business situations and challenges

Being able to describe business situations and challenges with idioms can show a deep understanding of the slight differences in meaning involved. For example, if a company is ‘in the red,’ it is losing money. An unconventional solution might be described as ‘thinking outside the box.’ And if you need to make a tough decision quickly, you might have to ‘make a call on the fly.’ Such expressions convey specific scenarios effectively and to great effect.

Idioms used in presentations and public speaking

Engaging your audience during presentations is crucial, and idioms can be powerful tools in this regard. You might start by saying, ‘Let’s dive right in’ to imply that you’re getting straight to the point. If you want your audience to think about something, you could say, ‘Let’s chew on this idea.’ To encourage teamwork, use the phrase ‘Let’s put our heads together.’ Do you know that we also offer public speaking courses?

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Business English courses at the British Council in Singapore

The British Council in Singapore offers specialised courses tailored to develop language skills for the corporate world. The Business English courses are designed to equip you with a range of business idioms, expressions, and vocabulary that can move your career to new heights. We ensure that your language skills are developed effectively to prepare you for success in the international business arena, with expert trainers and an interactive learning environment. Explore our Business English courses, and unlock the door to limitless professional opportunities. 

Having an enriched vocabulary is vital for navigating the business world with agility. Whether it is engaging in negotiations, describing complex business scenarios, or engaging an audience with a presentation, the right idioms and expressions can be invaluable assets. 

The British Council in Singapore is your ally in this journey. Register for the Business English course to communicate and network with confidence, clarity, and purpose to achieve more.