Can your team members deliver clear, coherent and engaging speeches? Well enough to hold audiences’ attention from beginning to end? Or do they get nervous about public speaking, avoiding it altogether?

In this hands-on course, your teams will develop invaluable skills for giving speeches with impact. They will improve their ability to plan, structure and tailor content to your organisation’s key audiences. Your organisation will gain a reputation for having confident, knowledgeable and inspiring speakers that motivate your stakeholders to act.


  • Deliver clear, concise, well-structured speeches that support the audience's understanding of critical information
  • Engage audiences with speeches that are relevant, credible and inspiring 
  • Manage nerves and the unexpected during speeches, through effective EQ 


  • Participants will connect with audiences through confident, engaging and memorable speeches
  • Audiences will appreciate engaging, targeted speeches that motivate them to listen and follow up
  • Your organisation will project a professional image, through informative and inspiring speeches that result in increased stakeholder engagement

Workshop outline

Public speaking essentials

  • Identifying the features of an effective speech
  • Introducing a speaker 

Generating ideas for a speech 

  • Researching your speech topic
  • Generating speech ideas 

Structuring a speech 

  • Using a speech framework to structure your speech
  • Engaging with an effective opening and closing 

Language for speeches 

  • Using engaging language 
  • Using verbal techniques to engage your audience

Managing nerves when public speaking 

  • Identifying factors of stress
  • Practising strategies for overcoming fear 

Non-verbal communication in public speaking delivery 

  • Using your voice and body language to project credibility and confidence

Managing the unexpected when public speaking 

  • Giving an impromptu speech 
  • Managing challenging moments and responding to questions

Public speaking mini-clinic 

  • Evaluating your speech against effective practices 
  • Setting goals and action planning to improve your public speaking

Who should attend?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability.

  • Establishing level course: build strong foundations
  • No experience needed
  • Minimum CEFR Upper-intermediate (B2) level English 

Why choose us?

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Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public training dates 2023/2024
29-30 January 2024  11-12 March  
Face-to-face Public training dates 2024/2025
13-14 May 15-16 July 16-17 September
17-18 October 18-19 November 2024 10-11 March 2025
  • Length: 14 hours
  • Workshop fee: S$1,060.00 (subject to prevailing GST)
  • Venue: Toa Payoh Centre