Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on Early Years courses:

My child's regular pre-school is also using Jolly Phonics. Is it effective for my child's learning to repeat the same curriculum during enrichment?

Jolly Phonics is a recognised programme that is used throughout the UK. We believe that it provides the building blocks for your child to recognise the sounds in English. Increased usage of Jolly Phonics will help your child to become more familiar with words and  sounds which in turn, leads them to developing greater confidence as a reader.  

Will my child be able to read after joining the British Council classes?

Our re-school courses will provide your child with the necessary skills to become a confident reader. These range from the learning and pronunciation of individual phonics to the application of simple reading strategies to enhance the understanding of a text.

My child has a limited understanding of English. Will s/he be able to participate actively in classes?

Our pre-school courses are inclusive and we welcome learners who have little grounding in English at N2 and K1 levels. The teacher monitors each child’s progress closely. Should they experience any difficulties, parents will be contacted and advised accordingly. 

For a child joining K2, we conduct a short placement test to check that the learners have a sound grasp of basic phonic units.  We will then recommend the appropriate course based on his/her ability.

My child finds reading difficult. How will your programme help her/him?

Our programme provides your child with a rich learning environment that makes reading fun and enjoyable. Interactive activities that highlight and explore phonics are central to our lessons and will ensure that your child becomes fully engaged in reading. In addition to classroom activities, your child will be given a story book to take home each week. From K2, they will also be given a guided reader to further encourage their literacy skills. 

What is unique about studying with the British Council?

  • High-calibre Teachers: All of our teachers have recognised teaching qualifications and are experienced pre-school professionals. We also run regular training sessions for them to ensure that they are acquainted with the latest developments in pre-school teaching.
  • An International Environment: Students meet teachers and staff from across the world, exposing them to different accents and ideas.
  • Close home-school Links: You will receive a welcome email from the teacher in addition to parent meetings and progress reports. We encourage you to communicate regularly with the teacher through these channels.