Two leading UK journalists, Billie JD Porter and Lucy Siegle, presented keynote speeches and participated in dialogue with the other notable speakers. The collaboration between the British Council and LASALLE College of the Arts, in conjunction with Digital Fashion Week aimed to equip fashion professionals with the essential skills and knowledge to address their business challenges.  

Billie JD Porter is an emerging millennial voice who’s built a successful presence in the online and media industry. In a keynote speech in the morning session of the seminar on ‘Digital Fashion Brands’, Billie shared her experience in forging deep connections with the digital generation. She later joined Asian digital leaders like Norman Tan, editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Buro24/7, Stephanie Crespin, founder of, Dione Song, MD of Zalora Singapore, and Indonesian fashion blogger, Diana Rikasari in a panel discussion about using Instagram to build new audiences in Asia. The discussion aimed to kickstart dialogue on innovative ways to develop audiences in the Asia market. The session was chaired by Niki Bruce, herself a well-known fashion writer and blogger. Niki is editor at (Her World Plus) and blogs at, where she builds compelling content for online readers. 

With Asia transforming into global fashion leader and amidst a proliferation of independent brands, young fashion leaders urgently need to remain competitive in a crowded market. ‘Digital Fashion Brands’ presented a good opportunity for fashion professionals to equip themselves with skills crucial to business growth in a digital world.   

The second half of Asia Fashion Future looked at the ‘Sustainability and Ethics’ within the fashion trade. As the world grapples with an ever increasing need to for ecological protection, fashion businesses can meet global challenges and lead the way in developing long-term sustainable practices. Lucy Siegle, sustainability columnist of the Guardian’s Observer and author of ‘To Die For’, an in-depth study of fashion’s environmental impact, delivered sharp insights into the sometimes disastrous cost of creating fashion, and shared the best ways to create sustainable design.

Fashion4Freedom continued the conversation by demonstrating how to create responsible social practices within fashion. They created a socially responsible supply chain within Vietnam to counter current production and sourcing practices, in a process that cultivates rural entrepreneurs and fairer trade options in the luxury sector, thus creating positive economic growth in the country.

British Council was proud to present Asia Fashion Future as a new fringe event of the Digital Fashion Week. The seminar provided opportunities for the exchange of knowledge, skills development and networking in Asia. 


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