Tuesday 24 October 2017


British Council Announces Partnership with Roffey Park Institute to Launch Business Leadership Courses


Singapore, 24 October 2017 - The Professional Development Centre, British Council Singapore is pleased to announce the signing of a partnership with Roffey Park Institute to facilitate three leadership courses. Held in November, the day-long courses include Compassionate Leadership, Resilience at Work and Dynamics of Group Facilitation

The Professional Development Centre (PDC), facilitates intensive courses forimprovements in specific areas for working professionals. Courses are designed to put new skills into action through realistic communicative activities and plans to take back to the office. The PDC has been operating for over 30 years, training more than 8,000 employees a year in the public and private sectors. 

“We are delighted with this new partnership with Roffey Park in Singapore, combining our resources to bring programmes to leaders in Singapore that will help them take on the opportunities and challenges of today’s dynamic working environment,” said Roland Davies, Country Director, British Council Singapore.

Roffey Park is an internationally renowned leadership institute based in the UK and Singapore with 70 years of experience of leadership, organisational development, human resources and coaching providing executive education and research to leading companies around the globe.

Utilising research materials and curriculums by Roffey Park, the three courses are facilitated by British Council trainers and encompass vital skillsets needed for an organisation’s and individual’s productivity, growth and wellbeing. Resilience, leadership and good communication are vital to success, and key challenges facing working professionals today. 

“We see a growing increase in organisations under enormous pressure in order to be more productive and successful.  These workshops will enable individuals to work together more effectively and be able to deal with uncertainty more confidently,” said Michael Jenkins, Chief Executive, Roffey Park Institute.

A Working in Asia survey cites employee engagement and morale as the primary people challenge right now. [1] According to studies, 43% of leaders are weak at connecting with others on a personal and emotional level, and 71% of HR managers believe that managers don’t do a good job at providing meaningful feedback, which becomes a stressor and cause of anxiety. Additionally, a culture of overtime contributes to stress, with Singaporeans clocking an average of 2,371.2 paid hours a year, more than in many other countries.[2] These courses address these issues through practical, actionable insights:

Compassionate Leadership: Compassion in the workplace starts with employees feeling respected and valued - these businesses are the ones that can look forward to better results.

Resilience at Work: Burn-out and stress accounts for a high number of work-related illnesses and tools for wellbeing are important for productivity. This course offers a multipronged approach to building perspective, emotional intelligence, physical energy, purpose, values and connection with others.

Dynamics of Group Facilitation: Highly practical and interactive, participants learn techniques for encouraging constructive discussion and enabling participative decision making.

[1] Working in Asia, Roffey Park Survey
[2] Ministry of Manpower, Singapore


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