Find out what the parents of Early Years students who studied with us recently have to say about our courses!

My daughter used to hate English and blending. British Council has rekindled her interest and confidence in the subject and she is better at articulating herself and expressing her thoughts. She particularly enjoys the interactive learning in her class. On the whole, this is a very good course to develop children’s language foundation. - Parent of Vienna (Kindergarten 1)

Valerie has benefitted from learning phonics and is able to recognise and make sentences. She is also able to read independently. Through the spelling words she had to learn, she is able to form sentences she had never done before. With her teacher’s patience, guidance and support, she was able to learn a lot. - Parent of Valerie (Kindergarten 2)

‘Ever since Raheel went for his first session at the British Council, he just won’t stop talking about it. It was a small, super-interactive 90-minute class for Early Years with a lot of games, music and storytelling. I think it will help him become even more confident in his speech and communication skills.’ - Parent of Raheel (Kindergarten 1)

After attending classes at the British Council, my child has improved in his spoken and written English. He enjoys most the interactive lessons and games he plays while learning. His grades have also improved. - Parent of Wen Ting (Kindergarten 1)

The group environment and being able to learn alongside her peers has allowed Giselle to gain different perspectives. She enjoys using the interactive whiteboard to learn. She has also learnt to be more disciplined as the children are strongly encouraged to read the storybooks they take home from class and she is also given homework to reinforce what she has learnt in class. Her teacher has been very responsible and responsive in providing feedback which enables us to keep abreast of her progress and help her in her weak areas. - Parent of Giselle (Kindergarten 2)

My daughter has started to talk more and is using new words after attending classes at the British Council. She enjoys the lively environment and fun activities the most. - Parent of Hashini (Nursery 2)

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