Find out what our Secondary students who studied with us recently have to say about our courses!

I feel that the British Council has improved my comprehension skills. I have a better understanding of how to analyse the comprehension questions as well as how to find the answers from the text. I am now also able to infer better to be able to understand the requirements of the question. - Keane (Secondary 3)

The British Council has helped me improve my writing. With the Wider Reading Competition held here every month, it has helped me to think deeper into topics that I have explored and exposed me to different topics that I don’t usually think about. The course has also pushed me to think harder and be more creative in my writing. I have also learnt new writing skills and techniques to improve my writing. - Nadya (Secondary 1)

The British Council has benefitted me in many ways, for example in my writing skills, visual text and comprehension analysing skills. Through this course, I have improved my English language skills as well as my marks. I’m now able to analyse comprehension questions, and identify if they're context questions or inference questions. My teacher also plans the lessons well. There are lots of activities lined up during class, which make the lesson more exciting and fun. - Xue Min (O-level Preparation)

The British Council has helped me to improve my comprehension skills, from analysing the question in even more detail, to picking out the answers from the text. Oratory skills are also practised in class and this has helped me to be able to express my opinions and also improve my pronunciation by a large jump. - Freda (Secondary Plus)

The British Council has helped me in my summary writing skills, giving me steps on how to organise my thoughts before penning them down. It has helped to improve my English too. - Jaimie (Secondary 2)

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