WPLN Familiarisation Tests

The WPLN Familiarisation Tests have been created to help you experience and prepare for the actual WPLN Assessments. They cover all four English skills – Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening as well as the core Grammar and Vocabulary, and Numeracy components. As examples of tests, they will show you what types of questions to expect and how much time you should spend on each task. 

You will not get results after completing these tests, but they will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the different parts and the format of the new assessments, including task types and response formats.

Click on the individual link below to access a Familiarisation test:

Literacy Familiarisation - Speaking
Literacy Familiarisation - Listening
Literacy Familiarisation - Writing
Literacy Familiarisation - Reading
Literacy Familiarisation - Grammar & Vocabulary
Numeracy Familiarisation

WPLN Courses

British Council does not provide Workplace Literacy and Numeracy training programmes. Interested individuals are welcome to apply for the new Workplace Literacy training programmes with any of the following appointed Training Providers:

Training Provider Training Programmes Offered
Training Vision Institute
52 Jurong Gateway Road #08-03
Jem Office Tower
Singapore 608550
Tel: 6848 5200
Workplace Literacy only

For detailed information, please refer to SkillsFuture website.

Candidate Guide

This Candidate Guide has been created to help you prepare for the WPLN Assessments. It covers all four English skills – Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening – with Grammar and Vocabulary as the core component, as well as the Numeracy test. The Candidate Guide describes the tests, shows example questions, explains how the tests are marked and gives tips on how to prepare for the test. 

If you have special arrangements as a result of a disability or other condition, adjustments will be made for you on the test day. Please contact our dedicated customer service via email WPLN.Team@britishcouncil.org six weeks in advance.