You will need to arrive and register 30 minutes before your test time on your assessment day. Your confirmation email will provide you with timings and procedures on the test day. If you arrive late, you will not be allowed to take the test and your test fees will be forfeited. You will receive an email at least three days before the test so you will know at what time your test starts.

Please bring the same valid ID (NRIC, FIN or passport) you used when you booked your test. Invalid or expired IDs will not be accepted. If you cannot provide a valid ID, you will not be able to sit for the test. Please note that physical documents are required and digital IDs are not accepted. If your ID has been lost or stolen, you will need to produce a police report as well as an alternative valid ID with a photo.

Make sure you are prepared and have something to eat and drink beforehand. You will not be allowed to take food into the test room and you will only be allowed to take water in a transparent bottle. Stationery will be provided. Switch off your mobile phone and any other electronic devices. There will be a secure area where you need to leave all your belongings. The British Council is not responsible for loss or damage to your personal belongings at the test venue. Therefore, we strongly recommend leaving valuables like mobile phones and tablet computers at home.

Before the test starts, a briefing will be conducted and the computer equipment will be checked. If you have any questions during the test, raise your hand to ask for help.

At the end of your test, stay in your seat until the invigilator gives you permission to leave the room. If you think that there have been any issues that may have affected your performance, tell the invigilator at once.

The British Council will comply with prevailing government guidelines on safe distancing and contact tracing.  These include:

  • Limiting the number of test takers for each assessment room
  • The use of SafeEntry
  • Temperature screening before enter the exams area. Test takers with symptoms of fever will not be able to take the test
  • Basic hygiene practices such as using hand-sanitiser provided on test day and regularly washing your hands
  • Maintain a one-metre distance from other test takers or staff wherever possible
  • Face mask that covers your mouth and nose. You may be requested to remove this for identification or other purposes. Staff and examiners may also wear a face mask on test day
  • Test venues will be thoroughly cleaned prior to the start of the test. For computer delivered tests, equipment will be cleaned between sessions
  • You will be asked to take any stationery you use at the venue away with you except scratch paper, notes or workings sheets