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Developed and presented by the British Council, ELEVATE aims to build a global community of creative problem-solvers, who will meet social challenges with innovative solutions.

ELEVATE provides a platform for innovative thinkers to come together, to discuss issues, to learn and to develop projects using culture and creativity in Health & Wellbeing; Education & Play; Creative Cities; Environment; Conflict & Safety.

ELEVATE is an opportunity for countries to work with local and international partners to collaboratively come up with new solutions to social challenges. Currently, the British Council is seeking new partners to work with local British Council teams on ELEVATE Challenges which will attract international innovators to local issues with global relevance, where they can work with peers and experts to apply their creativity and cultural knowledge to exciting new outcomes. 

How does it work? 

Through joint research, the British Council co-designs a Challenge with a partner, to solve a specific problem or address an issue in a local community or region with a global relevance. In 2014, the ELEVATE StartWell™ Challenge asked innovators to ‘reimagine the future of play’ based on the growing threats to safe and imaginative play spaces and concepts for children. 

Innovators from across Asia and the UK (or other areas of the globe if the partner wishes) submit their ideas for the Challenge, and the best ideas are selected by an international panel to become ELEVATE Fellows. 

Fellows attend an Innovation Camp in the partner’s chosen country, where they meet with peers and experts from across the world to collaborate on new solutions, learn about the local context and undergo mentoring and development.   

The Fellowship

ELEVATE Fellows become part of the programme for one year, receiving international connections, professional development and the opportunity to submit their ideas for Challenge funding. The British Council works with Fellows to pinpoint media opportunities and signpost exciting opportunities for growth and mobility experiences. Fellows have access to the British Council’s global network of ELEVATE partners and become part of a growing community of cultural innovators across the world. 


For access to an international network of creative innovators and to co-design an ELEVATE Challenge with us, please contact Katelijn.verstraete@britishcouncil.org.sg 

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