Encounter Exhibition

Courtesy Fortune Cookie Projects

Photo Credit: Encounter - The Royal Academy in Asia. © Courtesy Fortune Cookie Projects

The first-ever exhibition by the Royal Academy in Singapore

In September 2012, the Royal Academy of Arts presented Encounter: The Royal Academy in Asia, an exhibition which featured 100 works of art in a wide variety of media by 25 Royal Academicians and 25 prominent artists from across Asia.

Encounter, held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, offered a unique concept in showcasing the best of contemporary art practice around the globe.

The aim of Encounter was to provide a ground-breaking platform for dialogue amongst practitioners working in a wide range of media – painting, sculpture, assemblage, photography and video – and for an international team of curators to exchange ideas about different communities and environments and how this translates into visual art experience.

The unique combination of Eastern and Western artists presented a rich and dynamic cross-section of cultural perspectives.

The Royal Academy of Arts counts among its members many of the world’s most renowned artists, spanning generations and working in a variety of styles and techniques.

Many are rightfully recognised as influential pioneers of contemporary art. The participating Asian artists were among the most established and eminent talents emerging from around the region.

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