Photo by Albert Lim K.S © 2014.

Photo Credit: Angles of Incidence: SIF-BC AiRx 2013-2014. © Albert Lim K.S, 2014.

Angles of Incidence public art installation at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Angles of Incidence is the result of the third Artist-in-Residence Exchange (AiRx) programme featuring Singaporean architect Randy Chan and British artist Philippa Lawrence, organised by British Council and the Singapore International Foundation.

Following residencies and interactions in communities in each other's cities– Singapore and London – Chan and Lawrence created a site-specific collaborative installation at Singapore Botanic Gardens, in response to the universal themes of heritage, memory and sustainability. The installation, curated by Tolla Sloane of Give Art Space, comprises reflective multi-faceted steel pods placed beneath the canopy of the Kapok tree. Visitors experienced the oscillation between object and site as the reflective pods blur boundaries with the landscape.

Following on the Singapore edition, the installation then launched in London at the Inner Temple Garden on 4 June 2014


Angles of Incidence at the National Museum

After successful launches at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the Inner Temple Gardens in London, the installation was presented in an urban environment under the iconic Banyan Tree at the National Museum of Singapore from 29 August 2014 to 28 February 2015. Emerging from the ground as a set of reflective multi-faceted steel structures, some patterned with crystal elements, Angles of Incidence is an artwork that is part of the landscape and the landscape part of the artwork. In the day, the oddly shaped prisms reflect sunlight to kaleidoscopic effect and at night, strategically positioned lights near the artwork form beautifully geometric shadows. This collaborative installation was created by Singaporean artist-architect Randy Chan and British artist Philippa Lawrence following their residencies and interactions with communities in Singapore and London. The installation is currently located at the British Council premises in Napier Road.