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07 August 2023 - 09:00

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L&D and HR managers identified communication as the number one soft skill. It is crucial for rebuilding trust, fostering collaboration, and maintaining a sense of connection. Clear and empathetic communication helps navigate uncertainties, addresses remote work challenges, and promotes a positive and inclusive work culture.

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What are the benefits of interpersonal communication skills?

  • People with strong interpersonal skills are better colleagues, team players and leaders. Workplace culture is more collaborative and positive. There is higher team and organizational performance – things get done faster and with less effort, and knowledge is shared more freely and openly.
  • People feel safer, feel they belong and matter to the team/organisation. They therefore stay with the organization longer.
  • People feel happier, are more positive and less stressed. They are therefore more intrinsically motivated.
  • People take more risks and are more creative and innovative.

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A good communicator needs to organise and present clear messages; adapt their communication to their audience; use their voice and body language to strengthen their messages; build genuine rapport with those around them; listen empathetically to make others feel valued and understood; and ask questions to create shared understanding. All of these skills are developed on our Interpersonal Communication Skills workshop.

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Good communicators also need to:

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Learn more on Spoken Communication Skills workshops

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