By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

09 October 2023 - 09:00

Workshops for effective communication in the workplace

Effective communication skills, particularly in English, have become essential for both managers and employees in today's globalised world. Clear communication reduces misunderstandings, drives efficiency, and fosters a positive work environment. With the dynamic and international nature of workplaces, improving your communication can pave the way for better team collaboration and overall professional harmony. Let’s take a look at the workshops offered by the British Council in Singapore for better workplace communication. 

Workplace communication workshops cater to a variety of needs, from written to spoken and interpersonal skills. Written communication skills workshops provide relevant tools and techniques, from grammar to writing reports and emails. Spoken communication skills workshops are interactive sessions which are geared towards specific needs such as conflict management, public speaking, and negotiation skills.

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Three ways for all employees to communicate better in the workplace

  • Develop your interpersonal skills: Focus on enhancing your ability to understand and interact with others on a daily basis. This can lead to better teamwork and less friction for an improved working environment. 
  • Engage in active listening: Active listening demonstrates the importance of truly listening to what others are saying so that you can learn from them, rather than just hearing and automatically responding. By actively engaging and understanding the communicator's point of view, we can respond more accurately and build trust. 
  • Build your communication skills: Communication skills encompasses a range of tools and techniques, including clarity in speech, effective written communication, and non-verbal cues, ensuring your message is understood as intended.
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Workshops for general employees

Regardless of your role in an organisation, communication remains fundamental. To cater for general employees, the British Council in Singapore offers workshops that are specifically designed to enhance language and communication skills for employees. The importance of these workshops extends beyond just language, delving deep into essential soft skills such as listening, empathy, and relationship building. With the integration of these soft skills, employees can foster a deeper understanding of their colleagues, leading to improved interpersonal relations and, ultimately, better productivity.

Workshops for managers

Communication skills workshops for managers are available, with a focus on leadership dialogue to help managers to motivate their teams and enhance their executive presence. There are a variety of workshops available, from essential skills to mentoring, taught by corporate trainers with real-world experience. 

Tips for improving communication at work

The British Council in Singapore offers various workshops tailored to different needs for business professionals. Whether you're looking to enhance your individual skills or hoping to train your entire team, there's a suitable workshop for you:

  • Full-day workshops: Intensive courses designed to immerse you in the subject matter and provide comprehensive training in a short time frame.
  • Customised programmes for companies: If your organisation has specific needs, the British Council, Singapore, can design a customised program to meet those requirements, ensuring that your team gets the most relevant training.

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By attending a workshop at the British Council in Singapore, individuals and teams can hone their communication skills for work, leading to improved relationships, greater efficiency, and, ultimately, organisational growth.

Don’t let communication barriers hinder your organisation's potential. Achieve effective communication in the workplace, empower your teams, and drive your organisation's growth. 

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