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Does your presence positively impact a diverse range of stakeholders? Can you command attention and connect with others? Perhaps you already have great presence in your current role, but are you ready for the next one?  

This thought-provoking course develops your existing interpersonal skills, supporting you to recognise your unique value, fine tune your strengths and enhance your credibility. You will learn how to build and communicate your brand, develop authentic connections and remain calm in challenging situations, projecting confidence, enhancing your reputation and raising your profile.

This workshop is for you if …

You would like to enhance your reputation and level of influence at work.


After attending this workshop, you should be better able to:

  • pinpoint how to build presence through credibility, confidence and connection 
  • project a credible confident image when communicating with others  
  • make authentic connections with diverse audiences.

Workshop outline

Executive presence: the fundamentals

  • Communicating strengths and achievements
  • Defining executive presence
  • Assessing and enhancing your presence

Executive presence: building your brand

  • Establishing your brand
  • Communicating your legacy 
  • Delivering a personal pitch 

Executive presence: demonstrating credibility

  • Analysing your reputation
  • Raising your profile
  • Contributing to a discussion

Executive presence: inspiring confidence

  • Developing your voice
  • Projecting a confident and credible image
  • Delivering a pitch with impact

Executive presence: creating a connection

  • Emotional awareness
  • Showing you care
  • Connecting with diverse audiences

Executive presence: managing challenging situations

  • Recognising your challenges
  • Staying composed
  • Influencing challenging situations positively

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Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public training dates 2022/2023
26-27 May  29-30 August  15-16 December 2022
16-17 February 2023