World Architecture Festival Forum

Courtesy Fortune Cookie Projects

Main Photo Credit: Courtesy Fortune Cookies Projects

Encounter: Personal and Cultural Identity in Architecture in Today's World

In collaboration with the Royal Academy and Fortune Cookie Projects, the British Council presented a panel discussion at the World Architecture Festival under the banner of Encounter.

The discussion explored architecture’s ability to bridge different ways of thinking and how it makes an important measure of interaction between different cultures.

Architects working outside their own context may start with ideas formed in their own environment, but have to understand how they can be built, used and valued in different conditions. Questions such as how architecture itself can be a medium for cultural exchange and understanding were tackled by the panel.

Panel speakers included Jeremy Melvin (Curator of WAF), Theodore Chan (President, Singapore Institute of Architects), Chris Wilkinson (Founding Director Wilkinson Eyre), Mark Wee (Chairman Archifest), and Kwok Kian Chow (Deputy Chairman of Yellow River Arts Centre).