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Digital Fashion Week Singapore 2014 took place between 31 October and 3 November 2014 at the National Design Centre, Singapore. The event marked the second year running of a partnership between the British Council and Digital Fashion Week Singapore.

European Exchange

Drawing on the core collaboration with the British Council and the British High Commission in 2013 to present a “British Exchange”, the British Council widened the cultural dialogue in 2014 with a “European Exchange”. This is in line with the British Council’s aim of creating international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and of building trust worldwide through the arts.

In addition to a spectacular show by UK based designers Fyodor Golan, UK highlights included Hilary Alexander, a prominent front-row fi­xture at the four major fashion weeks. This marked Hilary's ­first attendance at a Southeast Asian fashion week. Rebekah Roy also attended. One of London’s top fashion stylists, Rebekah was voted one of the top 100 most original and influential people in the UK creative and media industries. She has worked with a wide variety of commercial clients, top models and musicians.

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Closing Highlight

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Hilary Alexander

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