Video Credit: Musicity Singapore Launch at Gardens by The Bay. © British Council

Music meets architecture: location specific tracks for Singapore

Musicity Singapore brought together two UK recording artists and seven Singaporean recording artists to compose original tracks of music inspired by iconic locations in the city.

A series of live performances were held throughout 2012 (at the Singapore Arts Festival, Substation, Gardens by the Bay Opening Festival and Archifest), as well as a Forum event at ArtScience Museum to explore ways in which artistic expression can be used to bring a new dimension to the way we experience cities and the world around us.

Through a mobile application, the tracks were accessible via streaming by visiting each location. This allowed the visitor to perceive the architectural space in a unique way, through the creative lens of the artist.

The artists and their respective locations were:

  • Jon Hopkins and Jason Tan (Octover) - ArtScience Museum
  • Mara Carlyle and Sonicbrat – Gardens by the Bay
  • Koflow - School Of The Arts
  • I Am David Sparkle - Asian Civilisations Museum
  • Muon (Nick Chan) - The Esplanade
  • The Analog Girl - Hong San See Temple
  • Cosa Nostra - Singapore Art Museum. 

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Musicity Singapore Launch at Gardens By the Bay


Patron of the Arts Award for British Council

The British Council Singapore has been awarded the 2013 Arts Supporter Award for their contribution to advancing the arts in Singapore in 2012, specifically recognising our involvement in the Singapore Writers Festival and the Musicity project.

The award follows on from a significant part of the speech made by the Singaporean Minister, representing the Singaporean government at the Queen’s Birthday Party in June 2013, highlighting the British Council’s contribution to Singapore.

Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Law and Ministry of Education, Ms Indranee Rajah affirmed that “much credit goes to the British Council, which has been tireless in […] showcasing the innovation, creativity and excellence of the British arts […]”. She singled out the Musicity project calling it a “key cultural collaboration” that “lent colour to our [the Singaporean] cultural landscape”.