Reading Booster nurtures a love of reading by equipping students with early-literacy phonic strategies needed to develop reading confidence and prepare for Primary 1. By the end of the programme, our learners will be able to read with greater confidence and fluency.

The course will focus on:

  • blending phonics
  • practicing sight words (e.g. words that don’t follow phonemic rules)
  • developing reading fluency.

This course consists of eight one-hour sessions that can be taken in addition to existing Kindergarten 2 courses.

It is expected that all the children who take this course have a basic grasp of phonics but are unable to transition to any reading fluency.

Your child's English language progress

We help your child succeed at every stage of their academic journey whilst developing the essential 21st century skills and proficiencies to be able to thrive in the fast-changing world. Our courses are aligned to the syllabus set by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE). Learn more

Our curriculum

Pre-school enrichment is a 4-year programme ranging from Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2. Our ultimate objective is to prepare our learners to enter Primary 1 as confident and creative users of English. To achieve this we focus on developing their literacy skills and building their speaking confidence. We understand that genuine learning only happens when our learners are able to grasp the meaning of the passages they are reading. Therefore, comprehension tasks play a key role in developing this integral part of the reading process.

Our teachers

Our teachers are qualified, experienced English language practitioners who bring a caring and compassionate approach to teaching pre-school learners. In addition, we provide regular personalised feedback to parents to inform them of their child’s progress.

Course outcomes

Our classes will give your child the speaking and literacy skills required to enter P1 with confidence. By the end of the pre-school programme we aim to have our learners reading with greater confidence and fluency. 

Course dates and fees