Diana Rikasari

Diana Rikasari shares an interest towards branding, marketing & market research, and is definitely passionate about fashion. Not necessarily a fashionista, however, just someone who appreciates art and sees art within clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. She breaks boundaries when dressing up, clashing anything she feels like clashing. She has been active in the blogosphere since 2007, winning several blog awards and becoming public speaker in various seminars and workshops. In 2011 and 2012, her blog ranked #1 in IndonesiaMatters.com, being the most visited blog in Indonesia across all blog categories, and being appointed to become Brand Ambassador of various local and international brands. 

Diana is now a prominent player in the retail industry through her shoe line that aims to be a leading brand in the women footwear market with her label Up, aiming to cheer you up. Through Up, Diana has been acknowledged as one of Indonesia's 100 Most Influential Youth, Women, Netizen (YWN) of 2011 by The Marketeers & Markplus Inc., and won the International Young Creative Entrepreneur (IYCE) 2012 Award by British Council. She's also building new brands such as Pop Flats and probably more to come.

In 2014, Diana Rikasari was officially registered as the youngest to make it into the prestigious 50 Tokoh FTUI list by Universitas Indonesia for her contribution in the Arts and Culture sector. 

Diana just recently launched a #1 bestseller book titled #88LOVELIFE which consists of her daily thoughts on her love and life experience.