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The European Union Film Festival 2019 featured 'Power in Our Hands', directed by Angela Spielsinger, a ground-breaking new documentary using archival footage to tell the story of the deaf community’s fight for civil rights in the UK. This is part of British Council's Inclusive Arts Programme

Title: 'Power In Our Hands' (PG 13)
'Power in Our Hands' is a ground-breaking documentary – containing newly digitised archive footage available to the public for the first time – on the Deaf community’s fight for civil rights and principally, the right to be heard.

'Power In Our Hands' is a documentary built around an astonishing set of sources: the British Deaf Association (BDA)'s film archive, which stretches back to the beginning of last century. The films are equally split between documents of meetings (including major moments like the overdue decision to remove the word 'Dumb' from the organisation's title) and home movies of Deaf clubs, trips, sports, conversations and pranks. Just watching them on their own they'd be a fascinating document of the development community, language and civil rights, centered around institutions and organisations that now find themselves under threat from government cuts.

The film was screened on:
Date: Saturday 11 May 2019
Time: 16:00
Venue: National Galley Singapore

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