Making A Stand by Project Tandem
Project Tandem team  ©

British Council

In the intimate setting of the Eden Hall, five disabled artists shared stories about disability, love and life, illuminating what it means to be a disabled person in Singapore. 

 The showcase by disabled arts group, Project Tandem, in collaboration with the British Council, is part of the new movement to highlight the creative case for diversity and inclusion in the arts. 

If you would like to support young, emerging disabled artists, please contact the British Council at

Performances by: 

  • Agnes Lim – ‘A Lot of Space’ - in Dining Room         
  • Stephanie Fam – ‘Mum’
  • June Chua – ‘Ridicule or Respect?’
  • Claire Teo –  ‘8 Rules’             
  • Dawn Joy Leong – ‘Welcome to My World’