This workshop is SkillsFuture credit approved and can be delivered face-to-face or online. 

Do you want to write professional business documents? This workshop provides you with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of modern business writing. You will develop six main skills which will help you to write all kinds of documents more effectively and professionally. Your experienced trainer will guide you through the discovery and development of these skills, through hands-on activities, case studies, discussions and learning games. Throughout the course, you will practise these skills using a live case study from your current work situation.  

This workshop is for you if ...

You would like to learn the fundamentals of modern business writing.


After taking this workshop you should be able to:

  • plan, write and edit documents, following the conventions of modern business writing   
  • produce complete, clear, concise and coherent documents that avoid miscommunication   
  • write using reader-friendly language and appropriate levels of formality to build good relationships with your audience.    

Workshop outline

Business writing fundamentals   

  • The features of effective business writing   
  • The POWER writing process  
  • Assessing business writing samples      

Ensuring your document is complete 

  • Selecting content to match your purpose and audience
  • Structuring your documents   
  • Getting the action you want     

Communicating clearly in business writing   

  • Clear openings and headings  
  • Making your messages specific      
  • Selecting reader appropriate words   

Coherent business writing   

  • Sequencing information in paragraphs  
  • Linking techniques for sentences and paragraphs 
  • Avoiding repetition   

Writing in a courteous, reader-friendly tone    

  • What makes tone more or less formal?  
  • Choosing a tone that connects to your reader/s  
  • Using the passive and active   

Communicating concisely in business writing   

  • Too little or too much?  
  • Sentence and paragraph length   
  • Strategies for reducing sentence and paragraph length    

Correct business writing conventions and language   

  • Following layout and formatting conventions  
  • Using correct punctuation   
  • Using digital tools to check grammar   

Business writing mini-clinic   

  • The editing and reviewing process   
  • Editing and reviewing documents  
  • Evaluating performance and setting goals  

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Face-to-face workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public Training Dates 2020/2021
8-9 June 13-14 July 13-14 August  14-15 September
12-13 October 5-6 November 3-4 December  18-19 January
22-23 February 25-26 March    

Online Workshop

Business Writing Essentials (Online)
1-4 February 

*Two sessions per day at 9.00-10.30 and 11.00-12.30