Everyone makes mistakes. But they can reflect poorly on your organisation’s image and on the products or services you provide. How good are your team members at editing and proofreading? Do they know how to ensure that business documents are well-structured and accurate?

In this hands-on course, your teams will develop essential editing and proofreading skills needed to detect errors and improve writing quality. They will gain experience identifying common mistakes and increasing the written accuracy of business documents. These critical skills will enable your organisation to rely on the accuracy of written communications.


  • Increase accuracy and consistency of documents through editing language, layout and formatting
  • Improve understanding and readability of documents by editing for clarity, conciseness and logical structure
  • Enhance reader engagement through editing for tone and company voice


  • Participants will enhance their credibility and professionalism through productive, accurate and effective editing and proofreading
  • Stakeholders will be able to trust the editor and proofreader’s skills, spend less time reviewing and confidently circulate documents
  • Your organisation will be able to rely on the accuracy of documents and project a professional image to stakeholders

Workshop outline

Editing and proofreading essentials

  • Using effective editing and proofreading strategies 
  • Evaluating editing and proofreading skills and setting personal goals

Editing for completeness and organisation 

  • Improving the completeness of a text using briefs
  • Evaluating structural suitability for the text purpose

Editing for tone

  • Using company voice to improve the text
  • Adjusting voice and tone for different readers

Editing for readability

  • Reducing redundancy and repetition 
  • Using strategies to improve readability

Editing and proofreading for text consistency

  • Using style guides to ensure consistency
  • Querying errors and flagging issues

Editing and proofreading for accuracy

  • Using language strategies to discover mistakes
  • Taking advantage of technology

Editing and proofreading formatting and layout

  • Using efficient strategies to find and correct errors
  • Ensuring documents are consistently formatted

Editing and proofreading mini-clinic

  • Evaluating editing and proofreading skills against best practice
  • Setting goals and action planning

Who should attend?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability.

  • Developing level course: take your skills to the next level
  • Experience: strong establishing level skills 
  • Minimum CEFR Advanced (C1) level English 

Why choose us?

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Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public training dates 2024/2025
21-22 November 2024 10-11 February 2025  
  • Length: 14 hours
  • Workshop fee: S$900.00 (subject to prevailing GST)
  • Venue: Toa Payoh Centre