This workshop can be delivered face-to-face or online. 


Do you want to be more assertive in challenging interpersonal situations at work? Assertiveness is about feeling confident, building rapport with your colleagues and customers and working together to achieve win- win solutions.  

During this course, you will explore a three-step process to develop skills to respond more assertively and be more persistent when influencing others. You will apply all the tools and techniques to case studies from your workplace and receive support from your trainer and other participants on how to manage these situations more assertively.

This workshop is for you if ...

You who would like to be more assertive in common work situations.


After taking this workshop you should be able to:

  • recognise the differences between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour and know when to choose an assertive response  
  • communicate using assertive language, body language and tone to influence others  
  • say ‘no’ assertively and deal with criticism more effectively.


Workshop outline

Assertiveness fundamentals 

  • Defining passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours 
  • Identifying triggers for passive and aggressive behaviour 
  • Analysing your assertive communication 

Planning how to be assertive 

  • Understanding the ‘WIN’ process 
  • Defining wants and needs 
  • Case study – wants, needs and possible options 

Communicating assertively 

  • Assertive verbal and non-verbal communication 
  • Low context and high context communication 
  • Giving constructive feedback 

Remaining assertive on difficult situations 

  • Dealing with criticism 
  • Saying ‘no’ assertively 
  • Being assertive in writing 


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Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public training dates 2021/2022
3 February 14 July 6 October
12 January 2022