This stimulating course develops your existing stakeholder engagement skills using a principled approach to stakeholder analysis, communication and monitoring. You will learn how to overcome obstacles, engage challenging stakeholders and communicate more effectively, gaining buy-in and realising opportunities. 

This workshop is for you if … 

You need to engage a range of stakeholders at work. 


After taking this workshop, you should be better able to: 

  • implement a stakeholder engagement approach which is meaningful, inclusive, proactive and relationship-oriented 
  • connect with and influence resistant or disengaged stakeholders 
  • evaluate the success of your engagement strategy and implement improvements.

Workshop outline

Your engagement strategy 

  • Defining business and strategic engagement objectives 
  • Using a Strategic Stakeholder Analysis 
  • Building a stakeholder profile 

Your stakeholder communication approach 

  • Selecting a communication approach to align with your stakeholder 
  • Assessing your communication approach 
  • Strategies for improving communication 

Sustaining engagement in challenging situations 

  • Identifying common challenging stakeholder behaviours 
  • Using empathy mapping to identify causes 
  • Adopting the CONTROL strategy for handling resistant or disengaged stakeholders 

Monitoring and evaluating your engagement 

  • Strategies for gathering and responding to meaningful feedback 
  • Using a framework for evaluating engagement 
  • Creating an action plan to implement learning 

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Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public training dates 2022/2023
11 May 3 August 21 December 2022