Can your team members approach challenging situations calmly, openly and objectively? Do they take a proactive, assertive approach to conflict handling? One that builds relationships and leads to mutually beneficial outcomes?

This hands-on course will deepen your teams’ understanding of the reasons for conflict and the emotions behind it. They will gain skills in handling challenging situations with increased confidence, approaching them in a proactive, constructive and sensitive way, enabling your organisation will gain enhance engagement and collaboration. 


  • Approach conflict situations confidently and assertively, through self-awareness, navigating emotions and managing reactions
  • Defuse emotionally charged situations through an in-depth understanding of the reasons for conflict and of others' behaviour
  • Take a strategic, objective approach to conflict handling, proactively working to create mutually beneficial solutions


  • Participants will increase their confidence and ability to respond to conflict, proactively reaching mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Stakeholders will benefit from an environment where conflict is dealt with openly, generating greater trust and resilience during challenging times
  • Your organisation will increase engagement and effective collaboration through proactive resolutions to conflict

Workshop outline

Conflict handling essentials 

  • Identifying the nature and types of conflict 
  • Evaluating your conflict handling skills and setting personal goals

Managing your reactions to conflict 

  • Identifying hot buttons 
  • Staying calm and composed 

Reframing your perceptions in conflict situations 

  • Questioning assumptions and beliefs 
  • Framing the situation objectively 

Uncovering needs and wants in conflict situations 

  • Identifying needs and wants 
  • Uncovering others' needs and wants 

Conflict handling approaches 

  • Evaluating different approaches 
  • Selecting your approach

Generating solutions in conflict situations 

  • Following a problem-solving process  
  • Generating creative solutions  

Defusing emotionally charged conflict situations  

  • Using non-verbal techniques for defusing emotions 
  • Using verbal techniques for defusing emotions  

Conflict handling mini-clinic

  • Articulating your conflict handling skills 
  • Setting goals and action planning to handle your conflict situations 

Who should attend?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability.

  • Developing level course: take your communication skills to the next level
  • Experience: strong establishing level skills
  • Minimum CEFR Advanced (C1) level English 

Why choose us?

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Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public training dates 2023/2024
22-23 February 2024    
Face-to-face Public training dates 2024/2025
23-24 May 5-6 August 7-8 November 2024
3-4 March 2025    
  • Length: 14 hours
  • Workshop fee: S$900.00 (subject to prevailing GST)
  • Venue: Toa Payoh Centre