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Does your spoken communication achieve the impression you intend? Do you find it hard to concentrate on others' messages in person or online? Can conversations lead to misunderstanding for you and your stakeholders? 

This workshop will help you develop the skills you need to overcome common spoken workplace communication challenges. You will discover easy-to-use tools and tips to communicate with confidence, build understanding and connect with others to increase engagement, improve productivity and achieve your professional goals. 

This workshop is for you if …

You would like to communicate more effectively at work.


After attending this workshop, you should be better able to:

  • use mindful listening to better connect with others  
  • communicate clearly and coherently to avoid misunderstanding.

Workshop outline

The foundations of interpersonal communication  

  • The core skills and benefits of interpersonal communication  
  • Assessing interpersonal skills 

Structuring clear and coherent messages 

  • Structures for common communication purposes 
  • Planning and communicating your message 

Analysing communication preferences 

  • Identifying your communication preferences 
  • Interacting more positively with others 

Communicating with vocal and physical presence 

  • The power of vocal and physical presence 
  • Aligning your non-verbal communication with your message 

Establishing rapport with others 

  • Initiating rapport 
  • Building and sustaining rapport 

Being a mindful listener 

  • Staying focused and present 
  • Acknowledging thoughts and feelings 

Creating shared understanding 

  • Clarifying understanding 
  • Summarising key points 

Interpersonal Communication Skills: Mini-clinic 

  • Evaluating performance  
  • Setting goals to improve your interpersonal communication at work 

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Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public training dates 2022/2023
21-22 April 23-24 May 23-24 June
21-22 July 25-26 August 22-23 September
20-21 October 24-25 November 19-20 December 2022
16-17 January 2023 23-24 February 23-24 March